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The India Science Quiz | Govt certificate

    Friends today talk on The India Science Quiz | Govt certificate. Vigyan Prasar is arranging a quiz contest named The India Science Quiz. Vigyan Prasar is an Autonomous Organisation of the Department of Science and Technology of India. So, the aim of the quiz is to aware of the scientific facts to all the peoples of India. If you want to get help then you can also take the help of India Science ( ). Anybody can take part in this quiz. All over the world and of all nationalities are eligible to enter the quiz.

    In The India Science Quiz, you will get 15 minutes to solve 10 questions. You can get the Govt free e-certificate after complete the quiz. Vigyan Prasar will provide a Science book hamper to the top 5 participants as prizes. Quiz Start Date : 23 Sep 2020 and End Date : 22 Oct 2020.

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