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Poshan Abhiyaan 2.0 Quiz – Get Govt Certificate

    Poshan Abhiyaan

    Guys today talk on Poshan Abhiyaan 2.0 Quiz – Get Govt Certificate. Ministry of Education and MyGov is conducting a Poshan 2.0. Quiz – For Holistic Nourishment was launched on 8th March 2018. This Quiz is an initiative with support from the Ministry of Women & Child Development. This program strives to reduce the level of stunting, low birth weight, under-nutrition, and anemia in adolescent girls, pregnant women, lactating mothers as well as children. To accelerate activities under P Abhiyaan, “Rashtriya Poshan Maah” is being celebrated.

    Poshan Maah 2022 Quiz- Get free Govt Certificate

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    Rule of Poshan Abhiyaan 2.0 Quiz – Get Govt Certificate

    2.0 Quiz will be in a bilingual format. You have to give an answer to 20 questions within 300 seconds. The quiz is started on the 1st of September. All school children are eligible for this quiz. All participants will get a certificate after the Poshan 2.0 quiz. In addition, Maximum Correct Answers in the Shortest Time will get selected for successful winners. Any Indian can takes part in this Quiz. So, let’s started Poshan 2.0 Quiz – Get a Certificate.

    14 thoughts on “Poshan Abhiyaan 2.0 Quiz – Get Govt Certificate”

    1. Very good for those people are unable to get nutrients due to lack of money.This program will directly help to decrease malnutrition in our country.Jay hind

    2. Good nutrition is one of the best key of a healthy life.
      You don’t live your life until it’s the healthy nutrition life.
      Good nutrition will help you good,all the time.
      Nandani Nishad
      Thank u

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