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Semrush Free Digital Marketing Course With Professional Certification-14th MAY

    SEMrush is universally considered as a tool for any kind of digital marketing activity. SEMrush provides deep insights on your competitors and your own website also. This tool has been used widely and many companies ask for the full knowledge of this tool. So this certificate will help you to get this job.

    Here you can get a free Certificate for a limited time period only so be fast. If you miss then don’t worry we will post this type of more course. Just subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the update.

    SEMrush Keyword Research Exam

    Here we just show you a short course. Below Questions will help you to solve the questions on this topics. For more complete the course and get the certificate.

    1. What are the keyword phrase scores based on?- Popularity
    2. SEMrush tool allows you to monitor the performance of keywords you discovered via Organic Traffic Insights- Position Tracking
    3. Why should you analyze your competitor’s pages that have the most inbound links pointing to them?- You should consider that the content of these pages is important to their audience and their customers
    4. Proper keyword research allows you to rank with text-only content – FALSE
    5. Excellent keyword research is a one-and-done tactic – FALSE


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