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How to create a new  YouTube channel for beginners?


    To create a youtube channel, first, you have to create a Gmail a/c. To create a Gmail a/c:

    Go to  and search

    Click on create an account

    sign up form will appear

    “Or Click Here to go to direct create Gmail A/C page.”

    Give first name, last name, new Gmail address, password and fill up the signup form.

    Then accept Google’s  Terms of service and privacy policy.

    Your Gmail account will be created and Gmail welcome page will appear. Follow the below process to create the YouTube channel : First YouTube has to be opened on another tab. After that click on sign in and select the previously created Gmail account. On the page that comes, an icon will appear on the right side, click on it. Then click on creator studio

    “Or  Click Here to go to direct create YouTube Channel page.”

    Then click on create a channel. After that whatever name you want to keep for this channel, put this here. After this channel will be created. To upload a video on YouTube click on the option of upload. Now click on select files to upload and select the file which you want to upload. After that, you will start. Now Put the Title, description, and  Tag and then Publish.


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